A Family Away From Home

On an unrelated note, you do have to admit that the image above is the most professional selfie ever!

As my 19th birthday approached,

Soon I came to realize that for the first time in my life, I would be away from home and my family on my birthday.

Even though, we would not have celebrated my birthday on a grand scale, I still longed to be at home with family.

On May 31st, 2017, I was in Toronto, aboard the docked Polar Prince at HTO Park West.

I had not actively told my coworkers that it was my birthday, and I carried on with work like usual.

To my surprise, my coworkers, whom I had known for only a couple of weeks, had decided to celebrate my birthday.

I had been out in Downtown Toronto running an errand for work. On my way back, I received a call and was notified that we were having an emergency meeting and that I needed to be present as well. I began to receive numerous messages from multiple coworkers, asking me where I was. At the time, I was approximately 3-5 minutes away from where the ship was docked, hence, I began to run towards the vessel.

As I rushed on board, I headed straight towards the Cafeteria, where everyone had told me to meet them. I arrived, only to find out that there was absolutely no rush or emergency. Keeping in mind, that everyone was just completing their meals, and a few individuals heading towards the kitchen to put away and wash their dishes, made nothing seem to be out of the ordinary.

I remained distracted engaged in conversation with those in the mess hall. This is exactly when they decided to surprise me. Everyone erupted into singing Happy Birthday and a cake was brought out. I had absolutely not expected anything at all, especially not a full celebration on my birthday with people that I had known for such a short period of time.

I was overwhelmed with joy, yet, I felt embarrassed. I was crying because of how grateful I felt, but also because my hair looked terrible and now there would be photos and video of it.

Honestly speaking, my coworkers made my day and made it a memorable birthday story as well!

Thank you for making my day brighter and for making up for the feeling of emptiness I felt because I was away from my family.

Here are two videos (they will play back to back). Yes, they are vertical, I didn’t film them, but that’s not the point…