I Fear That I Cannot Do Justice

I do not believe in representing everyone,
Nor should anyone else,
Believe so.

I believe in empowering others to stand up for themselves,
I can help provide individuals with a platform,
A platform from which they may speak freely
And make themselves heard clearly.

To be completely honest,
I cannot represent each and every individual,
Nor can anyone else,
I will not represent each and every individual,
Nor will anyone else,
I should not be capable of representing each and every individual.

I can neither represent their beliefs, their ideas or their thoughts,
I can simply highlight issues which matter to them.

This varies from person to person…

Yet, I say this again,
I am unable and unwilling to represent another or their views.

Naturally, we all have beliefs and ideals,
Which differ from each other,
As this is what makes us who we are.

The amount of passion and dedication which,
One submits to a single effort varies from person to person.

We do not think exactly alike, nor are we ever the same as one,

We’ll never be the same,
But we may share similar beliefs,
And should respect those
Who may think