Lying is A Gateway Drug

Lying is a like gateway drug…

It starts off with a little fib.
Growing into something more complex,

While some call it a ‘white lie’.
Others become socially dependent,

It seems like an opportunity.
For these ‘educated’ individuals,

Along with the rest of Humanity.
Going against the very morals of life,

Every moment we approach our predestined end.

Not coming to this Realization of fact.
That life is only temporary,

We are drowning ourselves…

With each and every stroke,
We linger in deeper waters,

Only capable of treading for so long.

The harm which we have induced.

Lying not only to ourselves,
But to those around us,

Only to realize our errors,
When we have drowned,

And brought humanity along with us,
Into our graves,

Like the vast oceans,
Which depths remain hidden to us, even today.

So Help Us God!

A sin which only leads to more sins, is it not the deadliest of them all?
It has many names, to explain the one and only sin capable of causing great calamities. This not only harms the person who is lying, but also those who hear the very lies only to become victims.
An absolute tragedy, we live in a time where no one sees the ills of this major sin. Where people choose to sin solely to gain their worldly affairs, only to realize it won’t do them good for long.